Snoopy 2 Tiers Birthday Cakes in Penang, Malaysia

Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown and friends !!! 
I believe most of us will know these cute characters, correct ? Got this special request from customer, need it in tiers cakes, must have the characters designs, and of course the Snoopy with the red house.

Due to order on hands and time constraint, thus have suggested new method and approach for the design.
You are right, 3D design for the Snoopy is a must, the red house also a must. Not forget the cute little Woodstock, always there with Snoopy.

Lets go through the design in more details...
Know what, it always a good ways for us to know more about the characters, why ?
Because if we dont know, we will not be able to do the design, especially the expression require. =)

3D Snoopy Design, and 2D Woodstock !

Snoopy Best Friend - Charlie Brown, and beside, Sally 

 Another unique character in Snoopy cartoon series ! - Marcie

Last, full view of the 2 Tiers Snoopy Character Design Cakes !

If you still remember, we post before another Snoopy design cake, is a sculpture red house and with 3D Snoopy and Woodstock. 

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