Baby TV Channel Characters for Birthday Celebration !

Baby TV cakes header pictures

Baby TV 24/7 Channel series for baby and toddles !!
And now if you need, it will be celebrate with you too in your event party, especially Baby Shower, Birthday and any event you like it !!

Do you like the series too ? Do you know the characters below ?? 
Not sure ? Visit the Baby TV official webpage at HERE

Close view picture for Baby TV characters

How about a full view of the cake design, we like it very much, you too ?
Baby TV full view picture

 How about adding the birthday girl name surrounding by cupcakes ? 
Cake and cupcakes for Baby TV

Tips of the day:
Make sure you put lots of CMC as the character's "ear" need to be stand up straight. !!

Have ideas what you want for the cake with Baby TV characters ? 
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