SugarPaste Sharing Starts

Hi All,
As per request from Penang Cakes customers, they would like to see more on the available sugarpaste craft online for cakes and cupcakes.

With that, we would like to share cakes and cupcakes sugarpaste to everyone online.
This would definitely allow PenangCakes customers like you, cupcakes lovers over the world to have ideas on how this cute little sugarpaste can be created for your choice of cakes and cupcakes.

This will be our collections of sugarpaste for cakes and cupcakes, similar to your wish?
If Yes, you may subscribes to RSS for the latest updates.

No further more. Our first cupcakes model of the day is named Evadis Ladybird.
"Ladybird - Its family name is Coccinellidae (is means family of beetles), it is around 5000 species worldwide." Quoted info from Wikipedia.

But for this Evadis Ladybird cupcakes model, it definitely only available at and for PenangCakes.
From the picure, the Evadis Ladybird is ready to fly, but wonder fly to which customer's place. Would it be your cupcakes order? =)