Christmas Charity Package !! From Penang Cakes - Evadis Cupcakes.

Great day everyone,
Received order from close friend to have Christmas Package for the orphan center on 21st Dec 2008. (Will update the name once got further update from her. =))

Understand that is a group of her colleagues join for this functions and we from Penang Cakes - Evadis Cupcakes also have take this opportunity to contribute some cupcakes.
Got feedback all the children are very happy and enjoy for the functions, it really a meaningful functions !!!

Below are some of the pictures. =)

Sushi Cupcakes

Location to deliver the love: True Vision
Part of the info/comment direct copy from the organizer:

There are some kids missing from the picture.. They were too excited with their present and had already sneaked back to their room to open their presents..haha,kids, very hard to control..half way during the activities, they will just walked back to their room and took a nap..haha..

However, during this visit, we met with 34 kids. Some of the kids were back to their family for holiday. We’d learnt from the caretaker, Mr Satya that some of the kids do have parents, grandparents but they have to temporary leave their kids at the center because they are unable to take care of them for the time being.

Here are the cup cakes from generous PKs and Evadis. The kids were enjoying them so much, especially the attractive and cute pictures on the top. PKs sponsored 50 pieces of the cup cakes while Evadis sponsored the other 14 pieces. Thanks everyone for the beautiful cakes =)

Tea time,Santa visit, presents time and distributing the cup cakes.

Hope more and more charity contributed to make the community feel more warm and happier !!

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