Belated update from Penang Cakes - Evadis Cupcakes !

Great day everyone,
Just able to have sometimes to continue update the blog.
Is a challenging day for us and very tired, but happy. Thanks for all your orders and support !! =)

Below are some of our Penang Cakes - Evadis Cupcakes (Malay friend call kek cawan, thanks for their guide. =)) pictures since Christmas.

A nice customer just want us to have some cute design (no theme) for the Christmas party.
Glad that he likes it when open and show to him.

Evadis Cupcakes - Flower pot, Racing car, Cruise and Doreamon
(got the idea because Qbay is doing the functions !!)

Evadis Cupcakes - Tamago Sushi (my favorites), Baby stroller,
Bamboo, Seafood Sushi

Evadis Cupcakes - Buzy Bee, Mahjong+Dice,
AngGu kuih, Cute pig with necklace

Evadis Cupcakes - Floral lace baby bib, Lazy panda
Teapot Set with biscuits, Mahjong+Dice


Evadis Cupcakes - Cupcakes for Hantaran / Bertunang
Customer request only Red and White with love. Glad that she said so nice !

Evadis Cupcakes - Cupcakes for Hantaran / Bertunang
Letter "N" with 2 loves and small rose

Evadis Cupcakes - Cupcakes for Hantaran / Bertunang
Letter "A" with a love and small flower


My favorite games - Mario.
Thanks Amelia to allow me recall for my happy moment during children. Initially without Yoshi (the green dragon), but she mention is one of her brother's favorites, thus have created that 1 day before. Wow, really a big challenge. =)
Really happy when she saw it and said is nice.

Evadis Cupcakes - Mario game - Mr Mario the hero !!
Evadis Cupcakes - Mario game - Yoshi the dragon, Power Star and 1up Mushroom !!

Evadis Cupcakes - Mario game - Big Bom, the destroyer to Mr Mario !!


An order request to have flowers as the theme.
Personally feel that those flower is very nice and beautiful. =)
Feedback from her that the cupcakes are too cute and not wish to eat !

Penang Evadis Cupcakes - Sun Flower

Penang Evadis Cupcakes - Red Flowers

Penang Evadis Cupcakes - Daisy Flowers

Penang Evadis Cupcakes - Sakura

Penang Evadis Cupcakes - Roses

Penang Evadis Cupcakes - Small Lily


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