Birthday Celebration Cupcakes !!

Good day everyone !!
Birthday celebration is always great if with cupcakes as it is so easy to distribute to customers, friends and relative, etc. Quote from one of our customer. Total agree with her !! =)

Not to delay further, lets have some pictures of our unique cupcakes design !!

Happy Birthday Mommy ??
True, that's the request to have the cartoon character for mommy's birthday. =)
So we have made some of famous cartoon figures!!


Happy Besday !!
No wording error, is request from his love one. =)
With only require Love and Car for its Valentine.
Glad that she like it so much. =)

Till now, will upload more after i compile it.. Stay tune !!
Busy here busy there... continue design, baking and deliver to customer !! eheehe.. =)

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