Happy Valentine 2009 Special !!

- Promotion Close ! Thanks for all your support and order ! =)

Greeting everyone !!
Wishing everyone Happy Valentine on 14th Feb in advance from Penang Cakes - Evadis Cupcakes!!! =)

This round, we have tried to have something affordable and yet unique, romantic, memorable, special Valentine. So, lets review experience it now:

Package A: The Taste Of Love ! - RM 14 Only some more in Choco base cupcakes !.
This package is design to have multiple type of cream flavor on top of the cupcakes.
It allows you to have different taste of combination for the cupcakes. Is like the feeling and passion mixture of yours love.

Each flavor will come with unique pattern design of love shape. Also, there have a special cupcakes with Gold and Platinum Love shape. Symbolize the love for 50 and 75 years in love relationship. =)
One suggestion: Both of you may have a simple game to guess the taste of it. Of course, a bite between you and partner are most desire. Haha.. =)

Package B: Complete Valentine When With You ! - RM 20 Only
Also with Choco base cupcakes !

This package consist of all the items require for Valentine, but left the most important element, that's YOU !
1. The special and unique Sea-Blue Rose to represent "Only You".
2. Teddy bear are there to give a "Lovely Hug" to you.
3. Mini Valentine Cake ready for this special occasion/celebration.
4. Chocolate Love to ensure the love relationship are always sooo "Sweet" !

The package is designed to allow you and your partner have "Complete Valentine" in at alternative and economy way. =)

Again, wishing everyone Happy Valentine and enjoy the special moment with the love one !!

Last Order by 12th Feb 2009 before 12 noon.
Last Delivery on 14th Feb 2009 at 3pm.

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Note: For special order to have separated design, do alert us up front 4 days in advance.