Some Updates For Functions Cupcakes !

Great day everyone..
Believe all of you have a great Valentine day with your love one yesterday.
Thanks for all yours order and support !! Hope that our cupcakes help to cheers up the situation and have a great session.
No further delay, let get some pictures updates for the functions. =)

Beach and Garden theme -
VIP Order !! - 24th Birthday for her friend !!
Get shock when receive the order as she is a celebrity.
Representing Malaysia and just won prize on for 2008.
Also, her friends is so excited and happy when saw the cupcakes !! =)


Hantaran Package
A nice customer order for her big day event.
Request to have special type of flowers for the functions !!
How also, her comment make us feel so happy and motivated. =)


Happy Family Theme -
A nice customer inform us new baby have just join the family !!
Thus wish to have something to show happy family !! =)
Mixed 2D + 3D design


Just cream design !!
A nice customer just order our cupcakes to test out our product.
Glad that she like it very much and now helping us promo tp her friends too.
Really thanks for her. =)

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