Challenging Weeks !!

Good day !!
This is a challenging week for us !!
We got into a challenging situation due to some inconvenience cause to some of our customers but luckily with their prompt reply and timely feedback, we manage to identified and resolve it immediately. Again, thousand thanks to Azzu, Tham, Joyce, SH and others . =)

Here come with few updates for the pictures...

Mixed Design for my lovely god sister - Joe Yee
Again, Happy Belated Birthday to her. =)
As she don't have specific request for the design, thus we coming out with something we never did before for her. So happy that she love it very much !! =)

Sushi Set - Odon, eggs, green onions.. looks so delicious.. =)
Another sushi set - Nigiri
Another sushi set - Norimaki
Real squid !!! Believe it or not.. this squid is sweet. =P
Who's crab?? Again.. this crab is sweet too. =P
Egg Tart - But no egg inside.. =P
Char Siew Pau - This is Halal food..
cause it is only sugarpaste.. no other ingredient inside =P


Lakers Fans !!

Purely cream design request. =)
This customer is referred by his friend and she is not origin from Penang.
We are playing "hide and seek" prior to delivery. =)
The most happy moment is when when we open the box and can see she is smiling watching the cupcakes. =)

Half Basketball Court !!
Lakers Accessories - Trophy !!! =)
Another view for the theme..


2D Princesses Design
The mommy requested the design so to give her daughter a suprise for the birthday party at Greenlane McDonald.
Again, as this is more children's party, thus we have reduce the usage of sugarpaste and cream. =)
Princesses - Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora
So glad that i learn the princess name at the same time. =)
Princess - Snow White


Happy Panda Theme !!
This cute customer is my ex-colleague's girlfriend, only get to know that during delivery.
Haha.. the world is so small... =)
A special request to have Happy Panda moment, how ?? Below are the output and glad that she likes it very much. =)

Picnic foods...3 tiers cakes.. haha.. =)
Sooooo tired....
Singing Panda - Oh...
Can i drink and eat those?? =P

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Will get back to you within next 24 hours. =)

Enjoy !!! and hope you like our design.. !! =)
And stay tune for more other pictures from time to time !!!