Cupcakes Cakes - Pull-A-Part Cupcakes !! only in Penang Cakes - Evadis Cupcakes !

Greeting !!
Recently lots of customers request for Cupcakes Cakes or so call Pull A Part Cupcakes.
YES, we bake and make that too. But due to the preparation needs more days, thus last minutes request we will not able to accept the order. =(

What is Cupcakes Cakes or Pull-A-Part Cupcakes ?
It looks like a cakes but actually is made of lots of regular cupcakes. It still have the convenience way of serving customer. How? They just have to "pull a part" the cupcakes !! from site. =)

Finally, have customer order 7 days in advance and we manage to made that happen and share with you all now. =)

Mickey Mouse - Pull A Part Cupcakes
A request to have the actions of Mickey Mouse as her daughter like it very much.
Understand that the actions is "You Betcha !!"
Glad that she like it very much. =)
Site view for the cupcakes !! =)
Stay tune for more updates...
Sorry for late update for some customers order... will definitely post it later. =)

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