Mini Cars and The One I Love Theme..

Hi all,
Great day and sorry for late update.
Only manage to prepare some pictures to update.. more to come... =)
No further delay.. pictures of the day.. =)

"Mini" Car Theme
The customer order the cupcakes without specific request but only cars.
So we decide to have some "mini" car and surrounded by some famous logo..
He is so happy when saw the cupcakes, glads that they like it. =)

Mini Yellow car !!
Mini Racing Car - no. 17.

With request "The One I Love" theme.
This is a surprise present to her friend. So glad that she is very happy when saw the design.

This unique design with sugarpaste standing and yet able to support the wording is our remarkable achievement because normally some part is not edible (means cannot be eaten), but we have made it what you see on cupcakes are edible (mean all can be eaten). =)

Another design of mini cakes on top of cupcakes. =)A special design for Love Art.
Whose Sexy Lip ??Another view of the cupcakes. =)

We believe in little improvement make big different and result.
Thus do not hesitate to let us know by dropping us ad email or sms.

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Huh.. already 2:30am. really... Zzzz.. = z...
But we thanks for all your inquiries and orders as we glad that we can contribute to your special days with our cupcakes.. =)

Enjoy and visit us more frequent for further updates !!!