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Great day everyone,
Manage to get some times to continue updates for the blog.. =)

Recently lots of customers request for our little cute animals design especially like cows, dogs, cats, etc.. we done that during celebrating "cow year" !! Few design for pigs, sheep and rabbit too..

Here come some of cute, unique animals design again for your eye and reference.. =)
Why the cute animals design every time different??
Because we know special days should have special desingn, so you will never find the same design in our blog event though it might have same theme.. =) Thats why we always crack head for ideas.. =P

Marry Me - Cute Animal Gathering Theme !!

This special theme requested by a nice customer for her girlfriend.
Using the cupcakes to proposed !!
Pressure ?? Of course, few calls received and keep reminding us.. wow.
Really pressure for this special request.. =)
Guess what.. The answer from his girlfriend is "Yes"..
That really a great news for us to enjoy their happy moments.
Note: Got to know her girlfriend will keep all the design and not allow him to eat it. haha.. =P

Another View for the design. Story begin:
Scenario : Shhhs..Some special occasion is going on !!!
Cow : Ok. Plan A, er.. or B ?? or C better ??Pig : Hmm.. Ok. Understand.
Sheep : Ok. I will look after the proposed ring.Dog : Oook.. me and cat will be backup for you sheep !
Cat : My eye will always stares at the ring to ensure no missing !
Mission accomplished !!
Prince and princess live happily ever after !!


Meeting Mr Right at Park !!
Another purely cream design with fresh fruits.. Customer final decision is wish to have some nice design with lots of fresh fruits without any theme but recall that initial request from customer is:
"She bring her dogs in park and meet her Mr Right"
So we change somethings like below.. hehe..
She is so happy when we deliver to her personally. We both are so lucky that she is on leave that day and just coincident she drop her friends back to office and we manage to meet up in time.

The trees, a girl, with dogs, meet the mr right !! =)
Whole fresh grapes, never forget the taste of grapes.
Whole fresh strawberrys !! Like it?
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Enjoy !!! and happy browsing on our designs !!! =)
And stay tune cause more to come and you won't believe it can be done and only in Penang Cakes - Evadis Cupcakes !!!