Birthday and Hantaran Cupcakes from Penang Island

Good day again everyone..
Here come some updates for the cupcakes for yours special occasions and events. !!

Happy Family
This is the first time we deal with customer in this manner.
She don't have email account, and she get to know us from friends by showing her our web site. So how to proceed with order and to ensure both of us in sync?? Hehe.. drop me email and i will share with you. =)

She would like the cupcakes to present happy family. So that's what as per her request.
So glad that we got a very good feedback from her. =)
A view of living room.
A view of their coffee table.
Got newspaper, magazine and remote control.Cupboard, Astro release, Vase.
Lovely sofa for couple.

Hantaran - Purple Roses
This customer requested the theme is purple color.
And she want only purple roses design.
Thus have created the design as below.
So glad that she like the design very much and she do drop us pictures for the ceremony.
Will put into Testimonial page. =)

Close look for the rose.
Note: The rose design is all sugarpaste, means that what you see are all edible.can eat. =P

Pink Engagement.
This customer have requested the mini cupcakes for engagement.
It is with sugarpast flower, heard desgin and others.

Signature with quil... =)Engagement Record on scroll for life time !! =)

Wedding rings for engagement. !!A view from site on the sugarpaste flower and heart shape. =)


Arsenal Fever !!!
The customer order for her Darling. !!
So happy to receive her sms for lovingthe cupcakes very much.
Agaain, thanks for your great comment and support !! =)
Arsenal Logo and shirt !!
Arsernal Shirt - Fly Emirates.Winning Trophy !!
Wow.. too many and can't upload at once.. will continue update .. stay tune.. =)

Again, wish to have your party or function special ?? Lets try the our cupcakes !!
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