Cute Design Cupcakes for Special Moment !!

Great day everyone.
More and more challenging orders nowadays.. =)
Really sorry for the delay of posting but i will try keep it up to date as possible. =)

Doggies land
Another successful story for our 1 Stop Service. =)
The customer is from Indonesia and request our service for bake, design and deliver-hand carry with special instructions to recipient. =)
So glad that she like the design and the recipient really get shock and happy when received the cupcakes.
Will publish the feedback in Testimonials area soon too. =)

Doggies... staring foods and enjoying...
Doggies waiting for their turn..
Special request to have the Lily besides... =)Dogs wonderland - dog foods, bones and "secret location"

2D-Dora The Explorer
Another cupcakes set for cartoon character - Dora The Explorer.
Design have use minimum of cream and suggarpaste as understand is for kids party. =)
Glad that they like the cupcakes and have provided few suggestions to us too.
Really appreciate that.

Dora.. Hi all friends..Introduce for my good friend - BootsHm... Is me Boots

Farm Animals
Another farm animals request for birthday party.
This round, you can notice the character design have change. =)
It is round type design for the cute animals..
The customer have trigger us a good suggestion and we have implement that, really thanks for her feedback. =)

Pink Sheep, Red Cow and Brown piggy
Little frogs with Tadpole


Red Roses for Hantaran/Engagement

Another request for hantaran with red roses. =)
Roses with individual's character for bride and bridegroom.
So glad that they like the design so much.

Another view of Red Roses
The Ultimate Roses in the set.Love with character "N"Love with character "D"

Masculine !!
Got this special request from a good customer not origin from Penang. =)
Requested to have something to show masculine for her love one.
Huh... So we have created some men's items to cheer up that.
Not only design, also we have challenges for the cupcakes. Glad that she help us alots with her timely feedback.
Again, thanks to her. Really appreciate that. =)

Evadis version of "Oakley" SunglassesNew Love Wording Design... =)Dumbbell..
Hope you enjoy it !!
Still.. too many pictures and can't upload at once.. will continue update .. stay tune.. =)

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