Life Size Flower !!

Great day..
Last week Saturday is one of Chinese's tradition - Ching Ming day or so call Tomb Sweeping in Taiwan.. It is to remember and hornor ancestors at grave sites. =) Is also a gathering session for family members.. =) Hope everyone also the same.. enjoy happy moment with family and relatives. =)

Ok. Back to cupcakes.. Have manage to compile some more pictures for this round..
Hope didnt get further emails requesting why my pictures still not post.. =P

First is to introduce our new challenge !!
Life Size Flower
As self-explanatory, it is to have the actual size of flower on cupcakes.
This normally use for wedding, Hantaran or even as a gift for special guests.
More flower to come..

Carnation Flower

Front view of Carnation flower.Side view of Carnation flower.
Narcissus Flower
Double Narcissus Flower


Individual Packing Cupcakes with Thank You note.
The customer order the cupcakes for class party/celebration. (Will post it later. =P)
At the same time, she order these cupcakes for teachers as a thank you and appreciation gift.
She is so happy when look at the cupcakes.. =)

Life Size Champagne Roses. =)


Fish Pond Park View
Special request from customer to have a Koi fish like CNY design but it will impact overall appearance, thus have created a mini fish pond for 2 mini Koi fish. =P
Glad that she like the design, but still hope the CNY Koi Fish in there..
Cracking head and hope can include that some how some ways next round. =)

Mini Fish Pond with Mini Koi fish
Couple kissing. =)
Mini Love shape plant with Patrick the dog


Princess Chloe at 3 Now
The mother have requested to have a design for her princess - Chloe.
She likes to act like princess and thus we created 2D princes items as below.
It is mix of regular and mini cupcakes. Glad that she like the design. =)

A view of Castle, Unicorn and Crown
Close view of castle.
A view of shoes, wand and brush.
Close view of another castle.
A view of Chloe's Diary and hand hold mirror.


Till now.. will update more within next 2 days.. stay tune.. =)

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