Penang Cakes - Evadis Cupcakes - Happy Mothers Day 2009 !!

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Great Day Everyone !!!
First of all, we from Penang Cakes - Evadis Cupcakes would like to take this opportunity to wish every mother Happy Mothers Day !!

This year 2009, lets have something special for our lovely mother / mom / mummy or dear !!

Mother's Appreciation Gift !

The package consist of total 6 pcs cupcakes at 2 oz solo cup, means is more portion than regular size cupcakes. :)

In addition, specialty of the package from us are:
1. Each cupcake have its own meanings:
a. Carnation flower - Symbolic the appreciation of love towards our mother.
b. Butterfly - A symbol of long life for our mother (Chines Culture)
c. Sunflower - No fear of facing the sunshine like guiding us towards the bright ways.
d. Present - A simple yet remarkable items to Thanks our mom. =)
e. Double love - Presenting the love between us and mothers tie together !!
f. Love Mom - As it say the whole thing, Love our mom forever !!

2. Healthier cupcakes !
Only 1 flavor - Carrot cake with raisin.
New fresh and delicious taste to replace ordinary vanilla pound and chocolate flavor.
Of course with fresh carrots and other ingredient. !!

3. Cream Cheese Frosting !!
Get bored with ordinary cream ? Try new taste with cream cheese frosting.
Light cream and cheese - perfect match for the taste !

All the above with the price at : RM 35

Last order by 8th May (Fri) before 12 noon !!
Last delivery by 10th May (Sun) before 12 noon !!

Wish to give our mother a surprise and unforgettable moment ?? Order now or let us know if you need further request for cupcakes?

Just click Penang Cakes - Evadis Cupcakes Order / Inquiry form to order now.

We will get back to you in 24 hours for confirmation.

Again, Happy Mothers Day 2009 to everyone !!!