Special Cupcakes Design Only For Special Occasion !

Great day everyone..

Again, really sorry for reject some of orders as we can't accept more at this moment.
We will always try to slot in if we can.. =)

Just quick updates on past orders on hand and more to comes.. =)

Baby Theme !!!
Special request to have each cupcakes with baby item.. with theme color blue and yellow. =)
Thus come out a list to complete.. So glad that got good feedback, it really motivate us.. =)

Baby Boots
Baby Teddy Bear
Bib with word - Love !! =)
Useful Flash Card - A for Apple, S for Star !! =) Romper with heart shape design and button.. =)Toy can produce bling bling sound !!Alphabets soft cube toys !!Toy Train !!! too too..

Beach Party
A beach party view for the special one. With special request on blue rose.

Surf board and Sea Shells.. =)
Mini Strawberry Cakes.Yummy Pasta !!
Beach Art SlipperSpecial and Unique Blue Rose !!

I Am Sorry !!!
A special arrangement for the customer, he have explain to us he needs the cupcakes on next day as is urgent and critical. He really hope that we can make that as he is also at outstation.
Thus, we accept the order and help deliver the message !!
His girlfriend is so happy when receive the cupcakes !! So glad the cupcakes helps to cheer up the special moment.. !! =)

Special Present !!
Lovely Pink Tulips !!
Heart Art Design !!!
Lovely Cow with Roses


Lifestyle Cupcakes !!
Our regular and supportive customer. No specific request but lifestyle theme ??? Hehe.. have come out the design below and so glad that the cupcakes make a memorable moment for both of them especially her boyfriend.. =)

Enjoy lifestyle with new trend - Internet - the items and logo !!
Gameboy World !!
Never be so happy with Earthquake IceCream !!
Busy day with a cup of coffee !! =)
Till now..
Enjoy our outcome and wish to have the cupcakes for your special one in special occasion and special moment ?? Order now or just drop us mail for further info, all ideas are welcome too !!

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