Cupcakes theme with Q-human figure, building, candle light dinner, lots more !!

Good Day everyone..
Time for sharing again.. =)

Recently lots of request for Q-human design.. initially only head shot.. but suddenly for full body Q-human figure.. it really challenging as the time and effort to create that is extremely stress and exhaust.. :(

The heat get increase, need additional request for building some more.. =P

Still feel nothing or not enough??... how about construction site design.. candle light dinner.. wine theme design ??

Feel just ok.. not bad.. need more unique and special theme ?? .. what if ancient warrior theme... McDonal Set Meal.. To be continue.. stay tuned...

OK.. let see our latest and old updates (majority as pending for so long time.. =P)

Back To Me Theme
Special thanks for one of our regular customer to introduce us to his friend for this special occasion. Requirement.. A boy and girl outside the house.. with dogs and rings.. =)
All the best to him.. =)


Romantic Theme !!
Wow.. Romantic theme.. cracking head... because everyone's romantic definition is different.. Special request.. simple and nice. Huh..
So happy she accept and happy with outcome as below.. =)


Shin Chan lover !!
This cute customer request cute cupcakes design - Shin Chan and his dog ..
So happy that she like the design and provide good feedback.. =)


Construction Site Theme
This is another challenging request.. not only design but others.. really thanks for his promptly reply as it help us a lots.. =)
So glad to get the design rating 8/10.. Thank you very much. =)


Candle Light Dinner !!
This special request really make us cracked our head a lot as we need to present a view of candle light dinner for the celebration !!
Finally manage to come out with something as below.
Everything is worth it when we received great feedback on that. =)


Wine Bottle Lover !!
First time dealing and understand the wine / liquor bottle design. =)
Thanks for this customer for such special request.
Really happy when saw she smiles so happily when looking at the design. =)

Oh.. 2am now.. till now first.. promise more and more to come.. =)

Want to have something different then normal cakes design?? Need unique design for the event? Share with us your ideas and let see what we can make it unique and memorable..
Order now or just drop us mail for further info, all ideas are welcome too !!

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