New gift for Guest - Decorated Cookies !!!

Hi all,
Believe all of you are aware of new comers recently =) ... Cookie with unique design !!!

Lots of customer have requested for sample and really sorry for the delay.. here come are some sample for your reference.. =)

Wedding Cookies !!
Design with using the gown and tux as reference. Of course, some are designer's collection, so the color, design are different.. Below are Evadis Collecion too. =)

3-Tier Cakes Cookies !!!
Special request to have cherry blossom as the design for tier cakes ???. =) Hope you all like it.. =)

Hearts Cookies !!!
The design are tie with both hearts together.
To represent the new couples for new life =) !!!

Animal Cookies !!
Having kids party ?? excellent goody bags !!

Topsy Turvy Cookies !!
Majority of design are come with its tools.
Personally love the design so much. =)
It normally give as a gift to guest too especially for happening event like wedding.

Last but not least, what is the size for cookies ??
Size apply to all except - Animal, Heart Cookies.

Lots more will come and of course.. you may share with us your ideas to make your event unique and special !!! =)