Charity Donation Sections !!!

Hi all,

We from Penang Cakes - Evadis Cupcakes would always looking forward to contribute back to community especially for those who need it.
Target community are : Old folks homes, orphan house, non-profit organization, etc
Contribution method : Our specialty - cupcakes only !! =)
Practice : 100% contribution - no portion % contribution base on total sales or requesting any raw material cost back !! =)

We do hope that the charity organizer / management team do drop us for more info so we can work further from there. =)

Contribution to the community so far !!
1. Harmony Charity Food Fair (Joint stall with good friends... =))
Contribute 250 cupcakes for the event. Appreciation letter as per attached.

2. Thalassemia Charity
Thanks for the organizing committee as we only help to provide cupcakes.
All the sales are done by them as we rush for other on hand orders. =)
100 cupcakes and obtained appreciation flag from the organizer !! =)

If you now any event that would allow us to extend our contribution, you are most welcome to drop us an email or contact us directly.

Would appreciate if you would forward our link to respective persons / organization / parties too.

Again, thanks in advance.
Penang Cakes - Evadis Cupcakes