New ideas for wedding-Chinese and Malay !!

Good day everyone !!
So sorry for late posting as we thanks for all your request.
Apologies for the inconvenience cause. =) More pictures to come !!!

This time will focus on wedding ideas, unique, special, superb, romantic, memorable, in short.. no one owns it except if you are the request couple !! =)

Chinese Culture Wedding
Special design for the Chinese couple from Kedah !!! All the way deliver to them but few figures so excited to meet them.. thus have "fall down". =)
So glad that they feedback happy with the design. =)

The design also present that the bridge and bridegroom are from different island but able to meet and become a lovely couple for the rest of their life !! Congratulation !!! =)

The ideas is from ancient chinese where we try to list down all the culture require items.. and made it a view to share with guest and families members. =) Strongly believe most of them you definitely saw it when you attend any of chines wedding. Enjoy !!!

Super wedding band for the wedding event. Too boring with items??
Lets have something "make noise" !! Special invited wedding band !! =)


Malay Culture Wedding
The cupcakes and fondant cake trend are no borders..
More and more request from our Malay friends for the special days also. =)

Special request to have different design for the cupcakes and fondant cakes.
So means more surprise for happiness for the event !! =)

Special request for only the fondant cake without topper design.
Why?? Because they will put fresh flower on top !! =)

Again, special and unique design for only for you and we know you deserve that. =)
Getting something new for the special days !! Share with us your ideas and let see what we can make it unique and memorable..

Just simply update few questions or drop us mail for further info, all ideas are welcome too !!
We will try to get back to you in next 1 to 2 days for confirmation.