New section again - Corporate Event !!

Hi all,
Great day.. hope you enjoy the raining seasons nowadays in Penang. =)

Received few requests regarding capability on corporate order/event.
The answer is Sure and Of Course. =)
As understand normally the quantity would be in bulk or huge, thus do advice the request are as early as possible so we didn't rush for the output and design. =)

Please find some output for some of the request so far. =)
All request quantity are more than hundreds.. range from 150 to 300 pcs of regular cupcakes or > 10 sets for Mini cupcakes design.

Thyroids Awareness Event at Park Royal Hotel
With request of individual packing for guests and VIP.

Happy Nurses Day for various Hospital in Penang

- Cupcakes gift for customers

Happy Teachers Day
for various schools and colleague.

Till now. More to publish soon. =)

Again, do not hesitate to contact us for more info and how we can use the cupcakes to cheer up the event. =) Ideas and suggestion are welcome too so to achieve win win situation. !!

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