Penang Fondant Cake Trend !!!

Hi all,
Really SORRY for late reply.. so sorry for slow response also but thanks for all your inquiries and orders. =)

Recently FONDANT CAKE being a trend in Penang, lots of request and challenging orders.. Lets have the pictures for your reference.. =)

** What is fondant ?? A modified less sugar's sugarpaste or dough-like sugarpaste to cover the cakes. =) So is edible or means can be eaten. =)

3D LV Fever Theme
This actually a surprise gift from him to her... so glad that they like it very much..
Guess what, they are proudly present this to their guest for the 2 days celebration/events.

They have specifically allocate a designed table for the cakes and cupcakes. =)

2D Dora The Explorer

3D Baby Bottle Theme
2D MU Fever Theme!!!

2D Spiderman Theme !!!
3D Elmo and GoGo!!

2D Totally Spice Theme !!
3D Special request - Feng Shui Theme

3D Traveller Theme - Travel to Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan !!
Stay tune for more !!
Will definitely upload all cupcakes output design soon... =)

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