More And More Unique Fondant Cake and Cupcakes from Penang Evadis !!

Hi all,
Again, really sorry for late update... Thanks for all your support and request.
Also, we thanks for all yours help to let Charity Team / Organization knowing us as lots of Charity Contribution Plan have take place too.. =)
Note: Will update the schedule as soon as possible, so pay a visit if possible.. yours contribution will definitely make a different !!! =)

As too much pictures to upload, thus will divided into few post... Here come the Cute Cartoon and Animals, even also with some Japanese Cartoon Character, Online Game Character !! Believe it or not, only from Penang Cakes - Evadis Cupcakes !! =)

3D - Baby Cot for First Birthday !!

2D - Thank You Teacher !!!

3D - Barney and BabyBob !!

Belated Birthday !!! But never too late.. !! =)
2D - Cartoon Character !! - Believe you all can recognize the HEROs !!!

Some Japanese Cartoon Character !!
Transformers !!! - One of my favorites movie !!

Maple Story Online Game Characters !!! - You still playing ??

Backyardigans Characters !!!
Froggy to express Thank You !!!

Little pig looking for treasures ...

2D - Strawberry Shortcake Cartoon!!

Teddy Bear's Wishes !!
Loving Panda ??? How about these Panda !! =)

Some Cute Animals for your party ??
- Even though during Independant Day 2009 =)

Keropi Island.. - located where ???

Another Shin Chan's lover !!!
Last but not least - Cute piggy with wishes !!
- Thanks to our lovely friends to allow us to use its lovely creation. You can find her link at here:

Need to stop now as too many pictures... more loading time will needed.. =)
More to publish soon. =)

Again, share with us your ideas and lets work together to achieve the goal !!! =)
Do not hesitate to contact us, we welcome suggestions and ideas..

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