Merry XMas 2009 !!

Dear all,
Merry XMas 2009.... Wish you all have a great festive seasons and enjoy the holidays..

Already got your cookies and cupcakes??
Don't forget to share with your friends and family .. so everyone can enjoy together !!! =)

Manage to slot some times for Christmas Cupcakes and Cookies !!

Xmas Deco for Charity Food Fair !! =)

Christmas Package request for special one... !!

Christmas Cookies for lovely friends !!

Snowman Fondant Cakes for the special day !!!

Christmas Present for love one.. !! =)

Another Christmas Package for the friends and family !!

Special request of Socks Cookies !!!

Again.. Enjoy the special moment with love one in this festive seasons !!

Need more unique design from Penang Cakes - Evadis Cupcakes ??

We will try to get back to you within next 1-2 days !!