Vegan / Vegetarian Fondant Cake - Safari Theme !!!

Greeting all..
Another new updates for everyone in early 2010 !!!
Always looking for healthier living style ?? vegetarian cake or so called vegan cupcakes / cakes??

NO EGG, NO MILK !! You can't believe it would be so nice without those typical ingredient..
Some more.. you can have it with fondant cake or cupcakes !!

Safari Theme with King Abbay !!! =)

Believe or not.. during baking.. the whole house are with great aroma because of the ingredient used !!! =) Note: Comment from neighbors too ... =)

Like our efforts and passion, do comment as it help motivate us a lots... =)
Again.. you always have brilliant ideas and not hesitate to share with us and let us make the unique session / moments for them.. =)

Bear with us 1-2 days so to allow us to review and get back to you in details and acceptance. =)