Penang Cupcakes - Evadis Cakes - Thank You for all your great feedback !!

Great day everyone..
It is great that every time we got feedback from our valued customer like you from time to time. =) Again.. It motivate us a lots and help us moving towards and better.. !! =)

Lets see what our they said !!

1. Loh *
The teacher love the cake too, she said is the waste to cut it
Your cupcakes were the most popular
They again fight for the cupcakes again.

2. Teoh **
Thanks for ur helping...I love the cakes so much!

3. Caline ***
The cookies nice.. taste good..
Especially the kids.. they love it very much
As a conclusion.. overalll i love it.
It meet my expectation :-):-)
4. Lynette ****'s bf love it..
the taste is good also..actually i don really like cakes but i hd a lot of your cup cakes!!

5. Zainizam *****
I like so much ..
out of my expectation!

6. Connie ******
The cake is delicious

7. Si *******
Thank you for the lovely design. The cupcakes taste very good.
Its fabulous. Thank you.

8. Joe ********
the cake so nice.... gf so like it....
not too sweet,is so suitable for me n her...

9. Geo *********
alot of pple were faschinated with the cupcakes
i love ur cakes
like the cake u made for my son's bday, i love that cake and its whole taste and texture

Till now... more to compile and publish... stay tune..
Time for Penang cupcakes ? or the fondant cake with unique design from Penang ?
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