Wedding Cupcakes For New Marriage and Lovely Couple !!! only @ EvadisCakes from Penang !

Greeting again !!!
Everyday is always a special day for someone... So .. it also unique and special with customize and delicious cupcakes from EvadisCakes and only in Penang..

Cupcakes as wedding gift are always the trend especially nowadays !!

Lovely couple with ancient clothing
- for new couple's important event of life !!!

Double Happiness Cupcakes !!!
Simple yet represent its meaning by looking at the cupcakes..
with the word double happiness in Chinese !!!

Cherry Blossom for the wedding functions.
Nice yet represents for new and great starts for the lovely couple

Till now.. Need to have your unique cupcakes from Penang or PenangCakes - Evadis Cupcakes..
Lets click the link and we can work further :
Do allow 1-2 working days so we could review and provide better quote. =)