Express Love Whenever We Want !!

Good day !!

A very special request from a customers with this briliant ideas... express the love theme !!

Need a guy and gal express their love towards the line.. of course.. the phone line.. a tools that everyone must have nowadays..

Thanks for the info and really happy that we able to help with cupcakes !!
Here the outcome !!
A mini version of i-phone that everyone love to owns it !
A call a day will not never leave us away !!
created by Penang Cupcakes - Evadis Cakes. =)
Overall design ... Connection of Love between both...
Easiest way to Express Love !!! =)
Again.. so happy that able to provide this special cupcakes for this special event !! =)
Need a unique and special Penang cupcakes or cupcakes in Penang island or Northen region ?
We will get back to you within next 1-2 days !