Penang Cupcakes - EvadisCakes - Decorated Cookies Fever !!

Greeting !!
Lots of request for decorated cookies after we started the publish our unique handmade decorated cookies..
For wedding ? for kids party goodies bag ?? whichever event you wish to give as a gift for guests..

This round have special request for hearts, flower and bees...

Various selections of single heart design...
Round Pattern Design
Complicated Block Design
Flower Edge Design
With its Pink Ribbon to make it more lovely !!

Another Unique Set - Various Flower + Bees..
Simple yet nice flower design..
Swamp of beeeeesss...
Bees that with different expression.. why ??
because of different happy mode !! =)
Feeling happy ? of course YES to your guest too..
Lets something special to cheer up the guests..
Make it memorable for your the event .. Just click the link:
We will get back to you within next 1-2 days..