ah..ha... Goofy.... only at Penang Cupcakes - Evadis Cakes !

Great day..
Special post for my little princess... She love lots of cartoon.. Winnie The Pooh, Pororo, Mickey Mouse Club House, etc....

For this special day for her Kindy Birthday Celebration.. she requested Goofy... what ?? Really Goofy ?? why not others... But thats the only she want.. =)

Cracking head for this .. and here are the outcome...

Goofy Outline Fondant Cake !!
Not only cake... but the cookies..
Special Thank to Laura for her help to bid for unique Goofy cutters !!!
And all the way from US to Penang. !! =)
Not to forget Thanks to Janet for creating this special goodies bag..
Handmade and the only 1 in the world.. =)
Not only 1 design.. but also the Thank You tag...
Really like it !! =)
The Recycle Goodies Bag with the unique cookies !!
In all.. here are all the items for Goofy Party !!!
It was a blast celebrations !!
Again.. nothing stop us for ideas from you all...
Let works together and make it special and uniquely for you ...
Just click on the link :
Will get back to you within next 1-2 days time..