Another 18SX ... and A Kissing Moment !! only at Penang Cupcakes - Evadis Cakes !!

Another great day everyone !!
Trying to upload more and more design as really sorry due to orders in hand..

Let start with a loving scenario... a kissing moments ..
Ya.. special request from this customer to have special moments...
What a great ideas.. and here the results.

Full set view of the special moment !!
Cant see from 1st picture ?? lets closer..
Still not enough ?? Lets have really close view !!

Also.. this round, have a quick update on another 18SX yet...
Adding new little white semens and sexy bra....

Full set view ... really fun making the set ...
New toys.. and sexy attire...
Have own ideas to express it out ? Lets works together..
Delivery cover Northern Region of Malaysia.. till Perlis... Kedah...Butterworth and recently .. Ipoh.. Really thanks for the support.. !!
Just click the link and will get back to you within next 1-2 days.

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