Unique Wedding Cupcakes and Cakes.... at Penang Cakes - Evadiscakes !!!

A Special request for Chinese Traditional Theme Cake and Cupcakes....3 D Double Happiness on the cake..=)

For the Cupcakes..it goes with Female and male Chinese Traditional dresses 
Close view on the Cupcakes...
3D Heart Shape for the Cupcakes.....
Another 3D Heart and some Flower design...
Flowers design...
This Cake and Cupcakes are sent to Traders Hotel...
Cute Couple on the cake...=)
This is very special request..the Bride wanted a Teddy on the Cupcakes..with some Simple Heart and Double Happiness...=)
Cute Teddy Bear in Chinese Traditional Dress...=)
Close view on the Teddy Bears...=)
Another View....=)
To Have a set for your Wedding / Engagement day...or for your friends...?? Just Click
We can work from there and will get back to you within next 1-2 days !!! =)

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