Hand Made and Custom Made Cookies...Yummmy!!!

Need another unique gift for guests ? Why not handmade decorated cookies ? One type of the desserts that easy to distribute, create a great impression to everyone. This always a good example when you have any product launching, event promo or occasions that involve lots of audience !!

                                         Cherry Blossom design Cookies with Thank You Tag..
                                          With the Bride and Groom name on it
                                               Simple Packaging...
                                Special Made this Crown Cookies for 2 of my Friends..
                              Here we go...Cookies with Edible Image Smurf and Hello Kitty
                                Hello Kitty Image with the birthday girl name on it..
                               Same too with this one
                               Tigger Headshot Cookies..
                              Jumping Tigger Thank you Tag...with Red Ribbons

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