Yummy..Layers Cakes and Macarons!!! at Penangcakes Evadiscakes

Always look for delicious Layer Cake ? Like the traditional taste of it ?
Lets try ours, received lots of great comment for loving it so much. Believe you will too.

                      Yummy Layers Cake....we have Original flavor,Cheese, Double Cheese and Pruns
Pruns Layers Cake
                                                         Cheese Layers Cake
                                                 Double Cheese Layers cake
                                                           Swiss Roll Layers Cake

As always.. we want to give more to guests... especially desserts.. 
Click HERE for more desserts design and guide..
let them have a great session together with us. You ask for it and you got it !
Cute and Colorful Macarons in ice-cream cone
                                                 Macarons in Ice-Cream cone
                                                 Macarons in simple Packaging
                                              Different Packaging of Macarons
  Different Packaging of Macarons
                                                 Macarons in Lollipop sticks

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