Penguins Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes, Snowland Design !

Like Penguins ? Like Snowland ? Like Snowflakes ? Like Winter ?
Then believe you will love the design below, Bridegroom Penguin with bow tie, Bride Penguin with roses, Penguin friends and relatives on cupcakes, surrounding with snow design !!


Lets view the cake and cupcakes design as below. 
Again, only from Penang Cupcakes - Evadis Cakes, located at Penang, Malaysia online homemade / home bake bakery shop for any special occasion or event !

The Penguin with bow tie and roses on hand.
Surrounding with big and small hearts !!

Friends and relatives also in Penguin designs,
also with snow and hearts shape design ! 

 Close view for the cake and cupcakes, lots of Penguine, hearts and snowflakes too !

Wish to have designs other than Penguin ? Like Piggies ? Need traditional type of design characters ?
Let us know here :
Regardless need only fondant cake or only cupcakes, for cake cutting or master piece for the event, lets work together to have your dream wedding with lovely memory !