Save Our Strays during this Christmas with Cakes, Cupcakes in Penang!

Lets save the dogs and cats with cakes, cupcakes in Penang, Malaysia during this Christmas !!

You are right, with your donation, the dogs and cats are save with the help of Save Our Strays (SOS) Penang !

This 23rd Dec 2012 (Sunday) at Precinct 10, we Penang Cupcakes - Evadis Cakes together with Save Our Strays (SOS) Penang and other sponsors working as a team to help the strays !! We believe you will definitely join us too !

We are selling the Durian Crepe that have WOW lots of our friends, relatives and customers !!
Not tried yet ? Lets get it there and share with us your experience on the spot !!

Save Our Strays Official Poster

Not forget there have other sponsors like Handmade Soap Garden, Whizarts and Vet Doctors too !!
Dont miss this great event and SEE YOU THERE !!!