Baby Mickey Mouse with Overalls/Jumer Suits !

Header pictures for Baby Mickey Mouse cake design

Greeting everyone again for year 2013 !!

Mickey Mouse or Baby Mickey Mouse - all time favorites, lots of customers have looking and ordering this cartoon design for their lovely kid regardless boys or girls !!

For this special request, have a thought or ideas to use the baby clothes to become the design for cake !
But what clothes is suitable ? pajamas ? jumper suits ? body suits ? bibs ?  etc ?
Outlines few design but not like it, and finally choose the Overalls/Jumper Suits !!

As the cake require 2 tiers, thus it just nice for the top part and bottom part combined. =)
The challenging part would be the joining part, how to combine it together and still looks great..

At last, manage to design the cake as below, personally like the design. With the Baby Mickey Mouse on top with some baby items on top like milk bottle, booties and some toy blocks.

Lets enjoy the outcome !

Baby Mickey Mouse with some baby items !
Baby Mickey Mouse Sugarpaste design

Overall design using overalls/jumper suits as the idea for cake. =)
2 Tiers Baby Mickey Mouse design cakes

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