Baby Shower Cake from Penang Online Bakery Shop !!

Picture of Baby Show Cake

A very good day to you !! 
NOTE: The design below is for our lovely customer, NOT for the customer below.  =)

Today is a special post as someone have asked us a very "tough" question.

"Do you really know how to do Baby Shower Cake ? ""Because you are online bakery shop, so you sure can do that ? I want 3D and big one ?"
Our reply:
"Yes, Ms XXX, we are able to bake and create the Baby Shower Cake, you may share with us the design you like and we can try to bake and create it even we are from Penang and only doing Online Bakery Shop or Cake business !" =P

So coincident another our lovely customer requesting for Baby Shower Cake too.. and the words she would like to express is "Bye bye tummy... Hi Daddy and Mommy.. !!" so creative.. =)

Picture of Baby Shower Cake Design in Full View
A special request .. must with Yellow color as theme.. =)

Picture of Baby Headshot
Closer view for the baby headshot.. Like it very much.. do you ? 

Picture of Baby Headshot From Another View
Another view of the cake... the baby headshot still very cute.. =)

Need another Baby Shower cakes or cupcakes design ? Just share more with us and let us create that !!
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