Cosmetic or Makeup Items Design Cupcakes for Chinese New Year 2013 !!

Header Pictures of Cosmetic ItemsHappy Chinese New Year 2013 !!!

Great moment with family members ? friends and relatives ?? Or even old school mate ? colleague mate or some even primary school mate !! Enjoying our Traditional Chinese New Year Cookies ?
Who ever it is ... again .. Happy Chinese New Year !!

Today would like to share a cupcakes design theme for girls... woman ... or female. Yes, is also for guys.. man and male too now..  =)
Correct, something useful for them and always available in their bags - Cosmetic items ..  for make-up !!

Pictures of Cupcakes with Cosmetic Items Design
Special request for cosmetic items... and choosing MAC brand
(Note: No commission for me to publish this though.. =))

Pictures of MAC Brand's Cosmetic and Brushes
Closer view for the cosmetic items.. 

What items you would like to surprise for your love one other than cosmetic items..
Share with us and lets make it !! Can connect us through Penang Cupcakes - Evadis Cakes Facebook or just click the Online Order / Enquiry Form !!