Puppies + Doggies Design Cupcakes !

Header Picture of Doggies Theme

Great day !!

Chinese New Year just over and again hope you wonderful Chinese New Year with all your family members, relative and friends !!

Dogs and puppies are always one of the top request design theme in cupcakes or cakes, regardless for birthdayValentine or any other event. Some even require the design on cookies !

Lets see what we have for you today on cupcakes !!

Picture of Cute Doggies With Favorites Milk
Cute doggies.. with the favorites milk .. waiting for his turns ?

Picture of Doggies With Ribbon On Bones
Closer view of another doggies.. with present ribbon on the bones... !!

Picture of Full View Of Doggies Theme Design Cupcakes
Full view of the cupcakes !

You wish to have another set of doggies or puppies theme design cupcakes or on cakes ?
Just let us know by update our form : Penang Cupcakes - Evadis Cakes Online Order / Enquiry Form
Within 1-2 days we will definitely get back to you !

P/S: Do you know what the type of the dog in second pic ? Lets comment for other readers too !