Pure White Wedding Tiers Cakes !

Picture of White Wedding Tier Cake
What a great day today !!
Still remember we have similar request before ? with all Fresh White Roses 3 Tiers Wedding Cakes ?

Today topic as stated, Pure White Wedding Tiers Cake !!
Really a challenging project as all design needs to be in white. Roses, flower design and pattern, etc.
In addition, can't apply standard icing design as it is too flat, unable to see the design clearly - is a special request by the bride. =)

Having few rounds of discussion, emailing back and forth.. finally, design as below ! A new way of Wedding Tiers Cakes design in PURE WHITE color as theme !!

The base tiers for the wedding cakes, with flower pattern with
small double happines wording in the middle !
Picture of Base Tiers Wedding CAkes
2nd Tiers of the White Wedding Cake, 
do you see another chinese pattern design there ? =)
Pictures of White Wedding Cake - 2nd Tier

Closer view for the full bloom sugar roses design, is edible !!
Picture of Full Bloom Sugar Roses

Top tiers design with sugar flowers - Roses !!
Picture of Top Tier Wedding Cakes Design
Full view of the Pure White Wedding Tiers Cakes !!!
Picture of Pure White Wedding Cakes Design

Looking for a unique and special wedding cakes, in tiers, require Chinese patterns or theme ?
Or just flowers design like above ? Just let us know and works together on that.
Just submit the enquiry or request at Penang Cupcakes - Evadis Cakes Enquiry / Order Form
Lets have a special design wedding tiers cakes origin from Penang !!