Dr McStuffins In Penang Island !!

Header Picture of Dr McStuffins

An apple a day, keep the doctor away !!
I believe most of us or in fact, everyone should here that sentence before.

Today's sharing will related to Doctors, this round, little bit different, is a doctor in movie, and is in cartoon and now in Penang ! In our Facebook post, so glad that lots of you wish to see the design... we have did 2D and 3D cakes and cupcakes design, and believe more to come.

You guest it right, is one of the hottest cartoon series nowaday and is from Disney !
Doctor McStuffins Cake ! For Nicol's Birthday Celebration !

Not to further delay, lets see the cake design for 2D this round.
Picture of Dr McStuffins Cake Theme

Closer view of Dr McStuffins !!
Picture of closer view of Dr McStuffins Cake

Nicole, the name of birthday girl !! With stitches design !
Picture of Birthday Girl Name Nicole

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