Dragon and Animals Cakes In Penang !

Header picture of Cute Dragon and Animals

Great day everyone !

Ever dream of having a cute dragon and animals as the main design for your birthday cake ?
If never think of that, now is time for you to have a peak on that and be your cakes and cup cakes ideas in future too.

This was a request for a birthday event for little baby age 1 !
Also require little cute animals design as part of the design too.

Main character requested, pinky dragon design on fondant cake !
Picture of Cute Dragon on Cake

Cute little animals surrounding the cake !
Picture of Cute Animals with Dragon

Cute little elephant try climbing up the cake !
Picture of Elephant Climbing up Cake

Overall design for the dragon and cute animals cake !
Picture of Overall Design for Dragon and Cute Animals

Now you have the ideas on what you need for your's next birthday cake or cup cakes ?
Never too shy to share with us and lets make it more special and unique !!
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