Despicable Me - 2D, 3D Cake, Cupcakes and Dessert Table !

Great day !!
We like Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2 and heard that Despicable Me 3 is coming soon too !
Really hope can see that soon in Movie, heard that is in 3D !!

This post is for my little princes, Isis. She like Despicable Me characters, especially the Minions !! Bababa.. but of course, not the purple minion.

This year birthday not only 3D Minion Cake (still remember we created another cute girl minion HERE?) as per her request, but with dessert table ! So, prepare every design start from scratch. Color theme only Blue and Yellow.
What we have prepare for the guests? 

We have 2D Minions Cookies, Cakes Pop or Popcakes and new item, Cake Push !

Simply Cake Pops or Popcakes with minions design on top !

How about the Macarons, follow the minions color ? other color also look nice too, see HERE.

We like this very much and pack it happily, is a chocolate, i bet you may know what chocolate is that, start with K and end with K. =)

Next is the main character, 3D Hawaii costume Minion ! is a challenge as we need to make it stand, not SIT DOWN !
And the hand, need to be stable like dancing action.

Top view for 3D Hawaii costume Minion, only 6 hairs.. Haha...

We like this picture very much, is so cute when with candle on top !!

Next is the dessert on table, Jelly Beans, bought it from KL directly, as we just need the blue and yellow color Jelly Beans.

How about Table games for kid while they waiting for their food ?

Last but not least, is so sad when the 3D Minion being cut !
Everyone enjoy the cake and party very much !

Do comment below if you like the design too.
Or you need similar cake, cupcakes, cookies, or related items, just let us know: