Surprise ! Stacking Crabby Cake

Header picture for stacking crabby cake

Great day !!!
Wonder how the crabby can be stacked up so high ??
Is really a challenge when receiving this order, why ? Not only the design require, also because it needs to be hand carry from Penang to Singapore ! huh... really stress.

To make the crab stack up like other tiers cakes, important point is stable and balance.
So ? The design require to be let it set before stack up. And added side design to make is an overall feel, same like the recent post for the sea turtle, mermaid, etc

Clove view for the crabby.
They are being stacked up to 3 level/tiers !!
Picture of closer view for stacking crabs

Like the feel after adding all related items, corals, seashells, etc
Picture of overall view for stacking crabs

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