GOLD BAR CAKE for Year 2014 Horse Year !!!

Picture of Gold Bar Cake


I am bet you are enjoying the moment now !!! regardless you celebrate Chinese New Year 2014 or not.
Because everyone will have off day for that !!! 

For Chinese New Year, all design must be in striking GOLD, RED and nothing black. =)
But for this cake, created as per lovely friend's request, GOLD + GREEN as thats the favorites color for her dad !! Get another design HERE too..

The theme given - GOLD BAR design. Yes, only 2 words, gold bar.
After review and ask more info, thats the design we have come out with. So glad it is the center piece and focus of the event, everyone is so amaze with the design and NOT believe it is a cake and is edible !!
And so glad that everyone is so happy and enjoy discussing throughout the event !!

Tips of the day:
For this cake, it used up mostly all our edible gold as the color need to be applied multiple times before it is so striking !

Picture of Gold Bar cakes and coin at top

Picture of 1st tier cake of Gold Bar and CoinsPicture from top view for Gold Bar and Coins cake

Picture of Gold Bar and Coins cake in overall view

Need another golden design for your coming event ?
Or you prefer silver more ? Let us know and let make it happen for the day ! Or looking for Chines New Year design ?
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