Mickey Mouse with Cowboy Theme Cake !

Picture of Mickey Mouse Cowboy theme cake

Announcement ! Today post have more pictures than usual post.. 
Because this lovely friend have requested 2 tiers cakes and cupcakes for her son's 5th Birthday celebration at kindy at Tanjung Bungah area. Of course, delivery have been arranged, when reach, we saw that the whole kindergarden have been decorated with all cowboy theme, including the teachers, students costume, also the toys, environment, it is so lovely and nicely decorated.

We are so glad to receive this request as first time integrate cowboy design with Mickey Mouse ! Other Mickey or Minnie Mouse design can see HERE, HERE or HERE(with Chinese New Year theme..) also. 

The request also included cupcakes in boxes for teachers, single packing for students.
What a great feedback received from lovely friend are:
"The thing that I love most is the vanilla cake, I dont know how you do it.
 But it REMINDS me a lot about my grandma's cake !" It is so touching and warm when saw that .

Tips of the day:
Do the design for the bottom tier, then only the higher tier, that allow a better arrangement for the overall design. Of course, it depends too, some may like to have top tiers complete first. What your favor ?

Picutre of Mickey Mouse Cowboy Tiers Cakes

Picture of closer view for Mickey Mouse Cowboy Cakes

Picture of bottom tier of Mickey Mouse Cowboy Cakes
Picture of cupcakes for Mickey Mouse Cowboy theme

Picture of cupcakes in box for teach of Mickey Mouse Cowboy theme

Pictures of cupcakes in single packing for Mickey Mouse Cowboy theme

Having or planning to have birthday party for your children ?
Do you know you can have dessert as doorgift for his/her friends too ?
Let us know in more details and see how we can make it so different during that day !!
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