Oh My Hello Kitty !! In Penang EvadisCakes !

Picture of Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Are you one of the Hello Kitty fans ? 
I still can remember my first Hello Kitty design, it took us hours to create that even is 2D.
Of course, this request also not easy, as we try create it follow the trend ? Still remember where this Hello Kitty toys from ? Someone queue hours to get it ! Correct, is McD ! Surprisingly Malaysia or Penang not as "hot cake" compare to there.

Choosing 4 design per the Singapore McD Hello Kitty released design !
Which i like most ? Of course the cute littke kitty with frog costume.. =)
Hello Kitty design base on McD kids meal

Just with her name and Hello Kitty design, it make a perfect match for the event !
Full view and design cupcakes for Hello Kitty

Tips of the day:
Hello Kitty's eye distance is key focus for the design, too near or far will make the whole design looks different !

You also want some of it because not able to bought that during the trend ?
Come visit us in Penang and let us deliver to you ! Let us know:
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