Red Flowers Cakes for Birthday Girl !

Header picture of Red Flower cake
Recently lots of request for flower cakes for birthday, wedding or even valentine !
Make sure don't forget the valentine gift !! =)

This special request is for a birthday girl, requested flowers with some butterflies, here are the outcome.
From picture below, you can clearly see the stick ? we purposely show that, why ? plants always with wood, right ? it is perfectly fit into the theme. Agree ? 
Top tier design for flower and butterfly

How about the view from top ? It looks great too, right ?
Top view pictures for red flower cakes

Finally the front view for the cake, we like it very much too !
Side or Front view for the Red Flower cakes
Tips of the day:
Still remember the stick ? I also serve as a support for the grass, cool ?

Need another flower cake design only for your special event or moment ?
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